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Creditors Harassing You? We'll Stop Them!

Providing Our Clients With Peace of Mind

Rhode Island Attorneys at Law Pitts Burns Know How To Stop Endless Harassing Calls And Letters From Creditors. They Can Help You File For Bankruptcy And Stop Creditor Abuse. – Call Today For A Free Consultation - 401-354-2089

Creditor Harassment in the form of un-legal actions abusing debtors can be stopped. One of the worst aspects of dealing with debt and financial struggles are the endless harassing phone calls, threats and letters from creditors. Daily phone messages from angry creditors threatening to garnish wages. Some creditors even threaten to have you arrested and placed in jail have become common practices for a wide variety of debt collectors. With more than 28 years of experience representing individuals filing for bankruptcy, Pitts & Burns, Attorneys at Law, are efficient at stopping creditor harassment in Rhode Island.

After carefully evaluating our clients' cases, we determine the best form of bankruptcy and the best strategy to stop the creditor phone calls, give our clients peace of mind, and getting them back on track.

Once the bankruptcy process has been started, we inform all the creditors and bill collectors that they can no longer contact our client, thereby providing the debtor with almost instant relief.

Bankruptcy Protection

After filing for bankruptcy, our clients benefit from an automatic stay, where creditors and bill collectors are no longer legally allowed to harass them for payments, pursue pending actions, encumber their homes, or threaten wage garnishments. We will personally notify all creditors of what they are and are not allowed to do. The client will just feel the relief.

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