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Stop Wage Garnishment In Rhode Island

Legal Guidance for Ending Garnishment

Stop Wage Garnishment In Rhode Island with legal assistance from Lawyers Pitts & Burns Providence, RI

A common method for debt collectors is to garnish wages to collect debt. Creditors who file for wage assignment orders can leave you little money to take home for you and your Family.

Court ordered wage garnishments result in large amounts of earnings withheld from the debtors' paychecks — taking little to no account of the debtor’s personal expenses, and leaving you with insufficient monies to survive on.

With more than 28 years of experience representing individuals struggling with debt and wage garnishments, Pitts & Burns, Attorneys at Law, is able to provide knowledgeable legal representation for stopping wage garnishments in Rhode Island.

Bankruptcy Attorney

The garnishment of your wages happens after a creditor wins a Court Judgment against the debtor. In some of these cases, the debtor may have to appear at a court hearing in response to the wage garnishment order. The creditor sends the debtor a written notice of the wage garnishment and a description of what counts as eligible funds for the wage garnishment. Even if your wages have already been garnished, a bankruptcy will end continued garnishments and may even require creditors to pay the garnished sum of money back to the debtor.

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