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Foreclosure On Your Home? We Can Stop It!

Exploring Available Remedies to Save Your Home

Facing Foreclosure on your home due to employment difficulties because of economic weakness? Pitts & Burns Attorneys at Law are experienced at helping Families and Individuals find solutions like filing Bankruptcy to stop foreclosure.

Foreclosure on Families' Homes has been happening more often to individuals and families due to economic weakness. Some have had financial struggles resulting in an inability to pay their home mortgages. In many of these situations, the homeowners have lost their jobs or have found themselves without any medical insurance which leaves insufficient income to survive. Do I pay my doctor, forgo lunch or pay my mortgage, is the all too common question. They are often struggling with other forms of debt such as credit card debt. This becomes a stressful situation that may lead to foreclosure. After unsuccessfully applying for a loan modification, requesting permission for a “short sale”, or negotiating a repayment plan, the filing bankruptcy becomes a possible solution to foreclosure sale.

With more than 28 years of experience as a bankruptcy and foreclosure Law Firm, Pitts & Burns, Attorneys at Law, is able to advise clients that are struggling with what steps to take in order to save their homes.

Stopping Home Foreclosure in Rhode Island

With each and every client, we thoroughly evaluate their cases and determine specific advantages or possible disadvantages with each potential strategy. We are able to help guide our clients through a short sale process or a bankruptcy to halt a foreclosure. With our many years of experience representing hundreds of homeowners, we are able to efficiently determine courses of action that best meet their needs. If there is a way to save your home, we will find it.

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