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Bankruptcy Attorney Chapter 7: Debt Relief | Chapter 7 Bankruptcy RI

Ending Stressful Debt

Excessive debt can have a disastrous effect on an individual and a family’s life. If you are tired of aggressive creditors, collection companies, harassing phone messages, threatening letters, or another lawsuit, then see if you are eligible for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Debt relief. Excessive debt can destroy your self-esteem, marriage, family, career, health and leave you with no chance of ever enjoying a fulfilling life. Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy relief may be your only chance at a New Life.

Filing for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy in RI, may often be perceived as a perilous and frightening alternative; however, filing for bankruptcy may not only end stressful debt, but may also improve your finances — and surprisingly, even your credit. It is the right choice for so many and should not be the taboo our parents made it out to be. Filing for Bankruptcy is not the “easy way out”. Rather, it is a tool for combatting life’s inequities and the bank’s greed.

More and more people and businesses are struggling financially. After so many years of living through a financial crisis in this country, more and more people have exhausted all their resources and have nowhere left to turn. Businesses continue to downsize and lay people off leaving many unable to meet their basic living expenses. For many, they are borrowing from one credit card to pay another and that is just to make the minimum payment.

After a successful chapter 7 bankruptcy, most filers experience a positive "re-start" in their financial lives, and are able to quickly improve their credit.

With more than 28 years of experience as Providence Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorneys, Pitts & Burns, Attorneys At Law, has helped hundreds of individuals and families resolve their debts with the help of the Bankruptcy Laws that are there for situations like yours.

Helping You File for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

At our law office, we help resolve our clients' debt problems. After thoroughly evaluating your case, we make sure that you are eligible to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in RI, make sure that your property is protected and personally guide you through the entire process, step by step. Dealing with debt is stressful, but we can help. The Bankruptcy will be opened and shut in approximately three months and all of your debt eliminated, if you are eligible. We are excellent at what we do and you will never regret making the decision to go with our law firm.


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